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SHC offers services within the following consulting and/or implementation
areas. If you would like more information on any of the following SHC specialties,
please check the appropriate box(es) and SHC will contact you.

Note that SHC only implements SHC programs and recommendations. Requests
for implementation services based on third-party recommendations cannot be honored.

Comprehensive programs for:
  1.  Anesthesiology program
  2.  Preadmission program
  3.  Preoperative program - Holding
  4.  Intraoperative program - Team nursing
  5.  Governance
  6.  Scheduling/information systems
  7.  Central sterile processing
  8.  Materials management
  9.  Postoperative - First- and second-stage PACU
  10.  Ambulatory surgery - within hospital or freestanding surgicenter
  11.  Preoperative program - Holding
  12.  OR facility assessment and design
  13.  SHC OR intraoperative management training programs - RN/Tech or Educator
  14.  High-level benchmark program
  15.  Customized first- and second-line management reports